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Idyllic hiking trails invite you to walk, hike and meditate any time of year

Well-maintained paths, some even lighted for evening walks, and a magnificent panorama characterise the hiking trails around Bad Birnbach.

Many trails are designed as circular tails, which are mostly left natural and blend unobtrusively into the beautiful natural landscape. Our trails lead along the Rott River or upward into the forested Rottal hills. Following a selected route, you can reach your starting point easily with our free Bad Birnbach bath bus. Our trail maps are available in the hotel.

The new meditation trail in the spa park Bad Birnbach

Walking healing trails, pausing and letting yourself be inspired, that is the idea behind the beautiful meditation trail. Seven stations each decorated with the Birnbach Rose, line the trail. With the brochure for the meditation trail or the various signs, you can deepen your mediation. Going past the ground labyrinth (find your path), at the trail crossing (which path do you choose), the lion’s fountain (water as the source of life), the boulder (great significance), the bridge (as transition), the sequoia (planted by our hotel guests as a symbol of love) and the farmer’s garden (planted with medicinal plants and herbs), you can trace your own thoughts.

Guided hikes will be included in the current Kurspatz

The spa management regularly offers guided hikes. This familiarises you with the land and its people and enables you to learn historical facts about our region. The walks around the spa park with its spa trail and aromatic herbal garden, which begins a few meters behind our 4-star Hotel Chrysantihof, are also very popular.

Hikes around the Bad Birnbach Thermal Springs

The rustic landscape of Rottal is dotted with scared structures, memorial plaques and small court chapels. Numerous clubs honour ancient customs here. Hikes around the thermal springs will bring this cultural inheritance to life for you.

04. Januar Rauhnachtswanderung
09. Januar Wanderung durch den heimischen Winterwald
15. Februar Valentinstags-Wanderung
20. Februar Schloss Baumgarten, Kirche Maria Himmelfahrt in Dietersburg
13. März „Kaser Steinstuben“
22. März „Josefi-Wanderung“
29. März Rund ums Antlassei
10. April „Mariawald“
17. Mai Themenwanderung im Marienmonat Mai
29. Mai „Herstellung von Schafskäse“
19. Juni Bulldogmuseum – Erdbeerplantage – Hofladen beim Steinhuber
28. Juni Siebenschläfer-Tag
17. Juli „Muschelschillbergwerk“ in Hinterholz
26. Juli Wanderung zur Jakobskapelle
07. August „Einmannbrauerei Vilzmann“
16. August Wallfahrt nach Sammerei
18. September Barockstadt Schärding
27. September Themenwanderung zum Erntedank
09. Oktober „Herbstwanderung über den Schellenberg“
18. Oktober Kirchweihfest
08. November Auf den Spuren des Heiligen St. Leonhard
20. November „Kirche St. Mauritius“ Münchham im Kirntal
18. Dezember Winterwanderung/Advents- und Weihnachtsbesinnung
20. Dezember Auf Weihnachten zua

Meeting time 2.00 pm (to ca. 17.30 Uhr) at the Artrium, Kurallee 7, in Bad Birnbach.

Hikes around you find hier Veranstaltungskalender.