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Wellness treatments in house

Fango Price
Pelose pack (sea mud pack) 22,00 €
Naturalfango ca. 30 min.26,00 €
Naturalfango ca. 30 min.32,00 €
Naturalfango kneading 15,00 €

cold pack (healing earth)

20,00 €
Special treatmentsPrice
Inhalation 10,00 €
Hot air 10,00 €
Hot roll 15,00 €
Electrotherapy10,00 €
Ice treatment  12,00 €
Ultraschalltherapy15,00 €

Skin regeneration treatments

On the waterbed. Here we use additives that are recognised as medicinal products:Price
Dermal oil bath (medically used for psoriasis and neurodermatitis, main active ingredient soybean oil extract - regulates the ph-value of the skin)22,00 €
Cleopatra bath (by adding milk and med. oils, the nurturing effect of the oil bath is intensified).24,00 €
Herbal oil bath (valuable essences regenerate and promote wound healing, have a balancing and anti-inflammatory effect)22,00 €
Rose oil bath (rose oil and olive oil are used for relaxation and promote skin renewal)22,00 €
Evening primrose oil bath (a cream mixed with evening primrose oil is applied directly to the skin and absorbed for 20 minutes - used successfully in homeopathy for neurodermatitis).25,00 €
Wellness massagesPrice
Aroma massage ca. 30 min. 35,00 €
Aroma massage ca. 60 min. 69,00 €
Special massage with body butter ca. 60 min.  69,00 €
Shiatsu ca. 60 pampering minutes79,00 €
Hot Stones ca. 60 pampering minutes70,00 €
Reiki ca. 60 pampering minutes70,00 €
Tuina Chinese Acupressure Therapy ca. 30 min.35,00 €

We recommend that you make your appointments before arrival.
You can make an appointment directly by calling: 08563- 91639 Mo-Fr. 8-13 Uhr or email: info@wellphysio.de