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Hotel Chrysantihof: Your Vitality & Health Hotel in Bavaria

As one of the leading vitality hotels in Bad Birnbach, your well-being and health are very important to us. At our spa hotel in Bavaria, we ensure that your stay is not only health-promoting, but also becomes a true relaxing holiday.

Our location in eastern Bavaria (Lower Bavaria), not far from the Bavarian Forest, ensures a time-out at the pulse of nature. Sit back and enjoy the amenities of our 4-star thermal and wellness hotel for a sustainable health holiday in Bavaria.

Medical Care directly in Bad Birnbach spa and health hotel.

Optimal medical care is provided by our spa and bath doctor with naturopathic treatments in the hotel's wellness and health area.
Our wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services focuses on rheumatic and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Additionally our establishment offers the following natural healing procedures:

  • Acupuncture
  • Neural therapy
  • Neyarthros- and neychorndrin-cure
  • Neygeront-cure
  • Ozone-oxygen therapy
  • Aslan revitalisation cure
  • Multi-stage oxygen therapy
  • Thymus regenerations cure