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Spa and Health Services

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Spa and Health Services

The Chrysantihof spa hotel is a state-recognised healthcare/rehabilitation establishment with a supply contract conforming to §111 SGB V for stationary sanatorium cures. If your health insurance provider finances in-patient spa treatments (rehabilitation or preventative), please see www.reha-hospital.de.

As a private health facility in conformity with §30 of the Trade Regulation Act, the Kurhotel Chrysantihof are eligible for subsidies. This means that costs can be fully or partially assumed by the service provider. Please consult your service provider.

Information on Out-Patient Spa Cures (PDF)

Medical Care

Our spa doctor will provide for optimal medical care with natural healthcare procedures in-house and our night nurses. Our multi-faceted range of diagnostic and therapeutic services is focused on rheumatic and chronic illnesses affecting mobility.

Additionally our establishment offers the following natural healing procedures:

  • Acupuncture
  • Biological muscle building and detox curer
  • Neural therapy
  • Neyarthros- and neychorndrin-cure
  • Neygeront-cure
  • Ozone-oxygen therapy
  • Aslan revitalisation cure
  • Multi-stage oxygen therapy
  • Thymus regenerations cure